Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk BY Italeri | N. 011 | 1:72

Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk The Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk is a US-made, metallic-framed multi-role and anti-submarine (ZOP) marine helicopter in a classic main rotor and tail rotor arrangement on the beam. The transmission is provided by two General Electric T-700-GE-401-C engines with a capacity of 1714 KM each. The first prototype flew in December 1979 and series production, which started in 1982, is still ongoing. It is estimated that more than 900 copies of this helicopter were built by 2017. The Sikorsky SH-60 was created in response to a US Navy request for a new shipboard helicopter to replace the SH-2 Seasprite machines. The new helicopter was to carry elements and work together with the LAMPS Mk. II. About 80% of the SH-60 B machine is similar to the UH-60 helicopter, but differs from it in that it is adapted for operation in sea conditions, a different chassis, a more robust hull, new engines, avionics, two pylons added for external weapons - in fact we can speak of two different helicopters having many common characteristics. During the serial production of the SH-60, many development versions of this very solid and successful helicopter were created. The basic version is the SH-60B, an on-board helicopter dedicated to US Navy vessels (destroyers and cruisers), intended for ZOP operations and the destruction of surface vessels. A version of the SH-60F (Ocean Hawk), intended only for aircraft carrier operations, intended only for ZOP operations, was also developed. The HH-60H Rescue Hawk was later developed for search and rescue purposes. SH-60 machines have been exported to many countries, including Australia, Brazil, Denmark and Japan. BY Italeri | No. 011 | 1:72

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