Power Bank - Powergorilla, 24,000mAh, 5V to 24V CHARGER, 2 device supportati, 1 porta USB - COD.PG002

The PowerGorilla will charge laptops under 88W up to two times, depending on your laptop's specifications, and delivers over 20 hours on various other electronic devices. It also has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) function when set to 19V, so you can relax knowing your essential devices will still be charged. When used in conjunction with the solargorilla, you'll have a totally portable powerhouse, perfect for when you're 'off-grid'. The powergorilla also features automatic solargorilla recognition, which means that when you plug it into the solargorilla, the powergorilla shuts down unnecessary internal circuitry to improve charge time up to 2 hours, as confirmed by the sun symbol on the LCD screen. What can the Powergorilla recharge? - Laptop - 1 time - Smartphone - 8 to 10 times | Satellite phone - 3 to 5 times - GPS - 15 to 17 times | Action Camera - 12 to 14 times - SLR Camera - 4 to 6 times | Smartwatch - 40 times - Front flashlight: 15 to 17 times - Power adapter with 24000mAh/88Wh - 1x DC input: 15~25V, 1.5-4A max - 1x DC output: 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V - 1x USB output : 5V/2.4A max - UPS function on 19V setting - Weight : 700 g - Dimensions: 215 mm x 130 mm x 17 mm.

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