M42 75/34 ITALERY 1:35

M42 75/34 ITALERI 1:35 FIGURES NOT INCLUDED The Royal Army, in the years preceding the Second World War, expressed the need to have mechanized artillery units capable of supporting the infantry and armored units. The self-propelled 75/18 was developed on the hull of the medium tank "M", which proved to be the Italian armored vehicle most feared by the allies during the conflict. In fact, thanks to its 75mm howitzer installed in the casemate, it proved to be an effective anti-tank weapon capable of destroying even the most powerful and heavily armored English and American tanks. During the war, however, the Royal Army requested the development of a version with increased offensive capacity. The 75/34 cannon designed for anti-tank shooting was then installed on the hull of the M42 self-propelled tank. The first examples were distributed to the Italian departments in the spring of 1943. Thanks to its good operational performance, after the armistice in September 1943, it was also used by German departments of the Wehrmacht.

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