ACME 60592 - FS E.646 210 shuttle, line XMPR OML Milan, period V

FS E.646 210 shuttle, XMPR line OML Milan, period V MTC21 decoder socket DCC Sound version see art.69592 "The E.646 shuttle XMPR locomotives were characterized by numerous small livery variants depending on the assignment depot; some they had the roof in a dark colour, others in aluminium, some had the upper vents in green as well as the side grilles could be clear or the color of the case.Even the applied FS logos differed in shape and color and all this made each car unique in its group. So we thought of an innovative production of a few dozen pieces for each single numbering by offering a range of various deposits scattered throughout the peninsula so that every enthusiast can find and choose the one they prefer."

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