The products purchased are always accompanied by a legal warranty covering production and conformity defects (e.g. malfunctions, failures and breakages resulting from normal use, defects in the goods) in the products themselves for 24 months from delivery date of the product.

The legal warranty cannot be asserted by those who have purchased the products as part of their business or professional activity, indicating their VAT number.

The legal warranty entitles the seller to claim:

  • at the consumer's choice, the repair or replacement of the goods, without charge, provided that the required solution is not impossible or excessively expensive compared to the alternative, considering: the extent of any defect, the value of the product without defect and the possibility that the alternative can be implemented avoiding significant inconvenience to the customer;
  • if the repair or replacement is impossible, excessively expensive or late, or causes significant inconvenience to the customer and is not effective in resolving the problem, the customer has the right to request a price reduction or termination of the contract. In determining the amount of the reduction or the sum to be refunded, the use of the goods shall be taken into account. In any case, for minor defects for which it was not possible to repair or replace the product, the contract cannot be terminated.

The seller carries out the repair or replacement of the product within a maximum of 60 days from its delivery to the point of sale, excluding the time needed to procure spare parts that are not immediately available.

In order to enforce the warranty the customer must by law:

  • keep and show the receipt;
  • report the defect within two months of its discovery.